Truths of the Trade was developed by graduate students in three University of Delaware courses:

Introduction to Material Life:

Brooke Baerman, Kate Budzyn, Katie Fitzgerald, Carrie Greif, Elizabeth Humphrey, R.J. Lara, Alexandra Rosenberg, and Eliza West

The Visual and Material Culture of Slavery:

Rachel Asbury, Alexandra Cade, Candice Roland Candeto, Emelie Gevalt, Victoria Sunnergren, Rebeccah Swerdlow, and Zoe Wray


Rachel Asbury, Alexandra Cade, Candice Roland Candeto, R.J. Lara, Alexandra Rosenberg, and Victoria Sunnergren

Thank You

The creators of Truths of the Trade benefited tremendously from collaborative work at Winterthur, the University of Delaware, and beyond. Trips to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, George Washington's Mount Vernon, and the Library Company of Philadelphia, as well as discussions with staff from James Madison's Montpelier and the New Orleans Museum of Art all informed the creation of the exhibition.

The student-curators thank the following for their contributions to the exhibition:

Dr. Wendy Bellion
Mel Buchanan
Elizabeth Chew
Anne S. Cross
Amy Marks Delaney
James N. Green
Jessie MacLeod
Dr. Julie McGee
Forbes Maner
Dr. Louis P. Nelson
Dr. Luke Pecoraro
Dr. Catharine Dann Roeber
Dr. Susan P. Schoelwer
Mary V. Thompson
Dr. Jennifer Van Horn
Unidel Foundation
WUDPAC Fellows